Tuesday, October 8, 2013

speak reflective reading quiz

Speak Reflective Reading Quiz

  1. dispirited: I think that dispirited is an adequate word to describe Melina. This is because ever since her friends stopped talking to her she always seems to be very unhappy, and bummed out.
  2. acerbic: I choose this word because she is very sarcastic, sharp and witty. She is constantly saying smart-aleck remarks to herself and sometimes her peers.
  3. outcast: Melinda can be described as an outcast because she doesn't really socialize. She sort of separates herself from her friends and family.
  4. overwhelmed:I definitely think that Melinda could be described as overwhelmed. This is because I think that she is so overcome by school, her peers ignoring her, and her parents pushing her to get her school work done.
  5. neglected; Neglected describes Melinda very well. Not only was she neglected by Andy Evans, but she is also being treated poorly by her friends and peers.
In my opinion, neglected is the best word to describe Melinda. Neglected means to pay little or no attention to. After she called the cops at the party she is neglected by everyone at school. She is ignored by her ex-friends, and made fun of. Melinda was also treated very badly by Andy Evan at the party that past summer so naturally he ignores her also.

I also think that neglected is an adequate adjective to describe Melinda because  being neglected makes her more things like dispirited and shy . if she wasn't ignored by her friends she wouldn't be depressed, or an outcast. Because she is neglected it changes her personality.

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